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The Importance of Building and Maintaining Muscle After Weight Loss Injections

Marina Roloff, DNP, FNP-C04/19/2024

Weight loss isn't just about the number! Building muscle mass while shedding weight helps set you up for lasting results and overall better health.


What Should I Do if I Experience Side Effects With Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Marina Roloff, DNP, FNP-C01/25/2024

You may experience side effects with BHRT, particularly at the outset of treatment. Learn what to do and how long it may take to adjust to therapy.


Want to Lift Drooping Facial Skin Without Surgery? Try Plasma Skin Tightening

Marina Roloff, DNP, FNP-C10/27/2023

For skin-firming effects without the inconvenience and downtime of cosmetic surgery, consider Opus Plasma® skin tightening.


What Treatments Are Available for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Marina Roloff, DNP, FNP-C07/24/2023

Explore various treatment options for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Yuma, AZ, offering personalized solutions for imbalanced hormones.


What to Know About Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Yuma, AZ

Marina Roloff, DNP, FNP-C07/22/2023

Explore hormone therapy in Yuma, AZ with Marina Roloff. Learn about BHRT, hormone pellets, and testosterone treatment benefits.


Can Hormone Pellets Cause Weight Gain?

Marina Roloff, DNP, FNP-C07/22/2023

Explore the connection between hormone therapy, weight gain, and hormone pellets with Marina Roloff at Enhance Aesthetics & Wellness in Yuma, AZ.


How Can Hormone Pellets Improve Testosterone Levels?

Marina Roloff, DNP, FNP-C06/30/2023

Discover how hormone pellets in Yuma, AZ, can help improve testosterone levels and why they're a popular choice for balancing hormones.


Transform the Appearance of Your Skin With Plasma Skin Resurfacing Treatment

Marina Roloff, DNP, FNP-C04/21/2023

Plasma skin resurfacing can address a range of cosmetic issues in men and women. Read about skin rejuvenation and how plasma treatment works here.


When is Hormone Therapy Needed?

Marina Roloff, DNP, FNP-C01/14/2023

Learn how bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can help balance your hormones in about 2-4 weeks so you start feeling better.

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