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Are you seeking to boost your overall mood and vitality? At Enhance Aesthetics & Wellness, our team of trained professionals provides IV (intravenous) wellness therapy to help your body perform at optimal function. With several choices to consider, our customized IV treatments consist of ingredients that may help to improve your complexion radiance, help with losing weight, lower stress, improve nutrient absorption, help with frequent fatigue, and boost the immune system. Our team will work with you to determine the type of IV treatment that is best for your concerns. If you would like to learn additional details about the benefits of nutrient IV services, contact our practice in Yuma, AZ to book a consultation.


Once we determine which concoction and form of IV wellness treatment best suit your goals, we'll safely provide the nutrient mixture in one of our designated procedure areas. The treatment area will be cleaned, and the IV will be inserted. Patients can relax or even take a nap for the duration of the procedure. The IV supplies vitamins and nutrients using a steady administration into the body. Once it finishes, we'll secure a little seal over the site of insertion. IV therapy normally lasts for around 60 minutes, after which you can leave our Yuma, AZ office and go back to your regular routine with no recovery period expected.

I am excited that Marina has brought our Sunny climate a progressive Health and Wellness practice. I have made it a part of my travel routine to get a Wellness shot whenever I travel. Life is stressful, and travel can be stressful, too. I am so excited that I can now get an immune boost shot before I head out of town, too! In addition to the Vitamin shots, Marina and her staff at Enhance Aesthetics and Wellness administer 'tox and Fillers. I haven't experienced the Fillers, but the 'tox injections I received the other day, seem to be getting rid of my #11. Marina and her staff did a great job and explained the process well. It was a little scary, but the results are in, and my forehead is much more relaxed.

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By having IV nutrient treatment, you can discover relief from multiple unpleasant symptoms and improve your overall well-being. At Enhance Aesthetics & Wellness, we are pleased to offer this customized solution for individuals who have a range of needs and symptoms. Contact our Yuma, AZ facility to learn more details about IV nutrient treatment or book an appointment with a member of our team.

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How much will wellness IV therapy cost?

Your IV nutrient treatment pricing could differ based on the ingredients chosen along with your specific goals and whether you want a treatment for comprehensive wellness, post-workout muscle soreness, skin rejuvenation, treatment of inflammation, or a different concern. When you have your initial consult at our Yuma, AZ location, the total price and your custom-tailored treatment outline will be supplied.

How can IV therapy improve my health and wellness?

Since IV treatment carries liquids straight into veins, it can supplement minerals and nutrients without skipping the digestive tract. When the vitamins are consumed by the body and converted into energy for the cells, there are many benefits for an individual's holistic health. Several problems that might be improved with IV therapy include exhaustion, feeling bad after a night of drinking, dehydration, vitamin deficiencies, soreness, recurring pain, migraines, and loss of memory.

Does wellness IV therapy have side effects?

Generally, IV treatment is a safe, efficient way to deliver vitamins, amino acids, and minerals when performed by a qualified medical expert. The staff at Enhance Aesthetics & Wellness carries out comprehensive sterilization precautions to protect against the risk of infection. It's common to have slight discomfort from the insertion, in addition to injection site bruising or redness, but these after-effects usually clear up within a couple of days.

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