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Countless people have melasma at times in their lives, which happens when irregular patches of darkened skin appear on the face, neck, and forearms. These gray, tan, or brownish spots often appear symmetrically on the forehead, cheeks, nose, upper lip, or chin. Melasma develops more frequently among ladies with darker skin tones and can be due to UV exposure or hormones, like those that occur during menopause and pregnancy. Our team provides melasma treatments at Enhance Aesthetics & Wellness with the Harmony XL PRO laser from Alma. This minimally invasive approach uses gentle light energy to help lessen the visibility of hyperpigmentation occurring in melasma. Set up an appointment at our Yuma, AZ location to learn if melasma treatment with lasers might help increase your confidence and rejuvenate your skin.

With focused light pulses, the Harmony XL PRO laser system works to break up the excess skin pigmentation caused by melasma. With the laser handpiece, we will focus a healing energy beam into pigmented spots on the skin. The light will effectively work to diminish melanin (the substance that causes discoloration) so that it can be absorbed naturally by the body. Although pigmented spots could darken initially, they will most likely diminish over the course of a week or so. Though laser treatments can help reduce the appearance of melasma, new pigmented patches can still appear in the future. A series of treatments may be scheduled to help preserve your outcomes.


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Having dark spots on your face and body could detract from your natural beauty and make you feel less confident in your appearance. To achieve a brighter, more even complexion, our experienced professionals at Enhance Aesthetics & Wellness offer laser melasma treatment with the Harmony XL PRO. Gentle laser technology can be utilized to improve the way you look and feel after only a handful of sessions. Contact our office in Yuma, AZ, and schedule an appointment.

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How many laser sessions are typically needed for melasma treatment?

The number of laser sessions required varies based on the severity of melasma and the patient's skin. Multiple sessions spaced over several weeks may be recommended for optimal results.

Is laser melasma treatment painful?

Laser melasma treatment may cause some discomfort, often described as a sensation of heat or tingling. Topical numbing creams can be applied before the procedure to minimize discomfort.

Can laser melasma treatment completely eliminate melasma?

While laser treatments can significantly improve the appearance of melasma, complete elimination may not always be achievable. Melasma is a chronic condition, and maintenance treatments and sun protection are often recommended to manage recurrence.

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