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EvexiPEL® Certified Provider

Transforming the practice of medicine, EVEXIAS® Health Solutions uses advanced cutting-edge technology, expert-led medical training, and integrative therapies.

Through The EvexiPEL® Method that was delivered by EVEXIAS® Health Solutions, Enhance Aesthetics & Wellness patients are provided with the opportunity to reduce risk of disease, experience vitality, and most importantly embrace longevity. Being a form of hormone replacement therapy, EvexiPEL® uses bioidentical hormone pellet therapy to support men and women on their health and wellness journey.

Marina Roloff is a EvexiPEL® Certified Provider in Yuma, AZ, ready to assist her patients in taking control of their health and wellness. Schedule an appointment with our team for the Hormone Replacement Therapy service if you are suffering from symptoms of hormone imbalance. We want to ensure you are able to live a higher quality of life and reduce the symptoms you are suffering from.